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Helpless Cats Rescued By Thai Sailor From Sinking Ship


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A Thai Navy Officer risked his life earlier this week and swam towards a sinking ship to save four helpless cats. The abandoned ship was found near the Thai island of Koh Adang.

(Source: Facebook / Royal Thai Navy)

A fishing ship passing by spotted the eight people who had jumped off the ship and rescued them. However, the cats were unable to simply jump off. They huddled together as the ship slowly sank. Moreover, the ship was already engulfed in flames when the officers got there.

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Luckily, help came in the form of 23-year-old navy officer named Tattaphon Sai. With a team of navy officers, Sai went to investigate the site.

Clinging on for dear life, they spotted the four cats who desperately needed help. Tattaphon leapt into action and swam towards the sinking boat to rescue the desperate cats so they could be in safe hands.

Helpless cats
(Source: Facebook / Royal Thai Navy)

First-Class Petty Officer Wichit Pukdeelon explained, “I used my camera to zoom in to the boat, and I saw one or two cats popping their heads out.”

Sai swam each kitty back to shore as they latched onto him in the water. Eventually, the cats were brought back on board after the traumatic experience. The officers gave them food and water as they recovered.

Helpless cats
(Source: Facebook / Royal Thai Navy)

Sai stated, “I immediately took off my shirt and put on a life jacket so I could jump into the sea.”

Surprisingly, no one knows how the helpless cats got on board and it still remains a mystery. Furthermore, it didn’t look like the men who jumped off the ship had any idea about them. Fortunately, the cats are now safe and in good hands.

Royal Thai Navy
(Source: Facebook / Royal Thai Navy)

The Thai Navy deserve a lot of praise for their bravery. Let’s hope they can keep those kitties safe with them!


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