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Lady Gaga’s Dogs Returned By Woman After $500,000 Reward Offered


An unnamed woman safely returned Lady Gaga’s dogs, Koji and Gustav, on February 26th. The French Bulldogs were handed over to the Los Angeles Police department.

Lady Gaga's dogs
(Image Source: Instagram / Lady Gaga)

The mystery woman met with the singer’s staff and LAPD detectives at the Olympic Community Police Station with the two dogs. Due to security reasons, her identity has been kept a secret thus far.

On February 24, two armed men shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer. The incident occurred in the Hollywood area while he was walking Gaga’s three dogs.

Thankfully, Fischer is set to make a full recovery despite the injuries.

Furthermore, the 34-year-old pop star posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram after the incident. “I continue to love you Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family. You’re forever a hero.”

lady gaga
(Image Source: Instagram / Lady Gaga)

Gaga also announced a $500,000 award for anyone who was willing to provide information regarding her dogs.

Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs are currently with the LAPD. They posted a tweet that clarified the situation.

“Both of Lady Gaga’s dogs have been turned in to a local police station, and they have been safely reunited with Lady Gaga representatives,” said the LAPD in an official statement.

Also adding, “The woman found the dogs and reached out to Lady Gaga’s staff to return them. The woman’s identity and the location the dogs were found will remain confidential due to the active criminal investigation and for her safety.”

(Image Source: Twitter / LAPD)

Lady Gaga herself was in Rome filming for her upcoming film when the incident happened. Her fans were quick to show their support online.

The dogwalker Ryan Fischer is recovering at a hospital at the moment. He shared the progress of his health in an emotional Instagram post. Moreover, Fischer also thanked Gaga for her support through such a difficult time.

He wrote, “Your babies are back and the family is whole… we did it! You have shown so much support throughout this whole crisis to both me and my family. But your support as a friend, despite your own traumatic loss from your kids, was unwavering. I love you and thank you.”

Lady Gaga's dogs
(Image Source: Instagram / Lady Gaga)

Thankfully, Lady Gaga’s dogs were unharmed and are now safe with the police.

Let’s hope Lady Gaga can be reunited with her French bulldogs soon!


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