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Hyundai Dealership Hires Adorable Stray Dog As Car Salesman


A stray dog’s life has improved immensely after the Hyundai Dealership in Brazil decided to give him a job! The doggo visited the local car showroom every day until the employees decided to adopt him.

hyundai dealership
(Image Source: Instagram / Hyundai Motor Brasil )

At first, the employees thought the dog’s appearance was only temporary. However, the dog, Tucson, showed up to the showroom daily.

Finally, one day the manager of the Hyundai Dealership, Emerson Mariano, decided to bring Tucson inside the showroom. The street dog was given food and water. That is when everything changed!

Mariano and Tucson developed an amazing bond. Even the customers were happy to see the dog while shopping. The people kept returning to the showroom just to meet the sweet dog.

So, the Hyundai Dealership decided to hire him as their official mascot. Tucson even got his own ID badge!

hyundai dealership
(Image Source: Instagram / Hyundai Motor Brasil )

Emerson Mariano told ES360, “I got attached to him. And, when I saw that the whole team accepted him very well, I decided to suggest to the board to adopt the furry one and leave him as our mascot.”

Also adding, “After all, the company has always been pet friendly. So now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet, precisely at a more complicated time like this, with so many abandoned animals.”

Tucson Prime has now been promoted to a car salesman due to his great work!

tucson prime hyundai brazil
(Image Source: Instagram / Tucson Prime )

The dog was introduced by Hyundai Motor Brazil back in July 2020. They posted multiple photos of him on social media. Their post read, “Meet Tucson Prime, the sales dog at the Prime Hyundai dealership. The new member is about a year old. Was welcomed by the #Hyundai family and has already won over colleagues and customers with his sympathy.”

Furthermore, Tucson can always be seen on the Instagram page of the Hyundai Dealership. The dog is photographed working extremely hard alongside the rest of his employees!

tucson prime
(Image Source: Instagram / Tucson Prime )

Tucson is Employee of the Year in everyone’s heart!


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