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Monkey Sneaks Into Empty Office And Spotted Working Over Time


A monkey was spotted working hard in an empty office at a university in Taiwan.

The National Sun Yat-sen University had been closed for winter break and all the dorms had emptied out. However, one hardworking monkey decided to work overtime in the office.

(Image Source: Facebook / Morgan Chang)

One fine morning, Morgan Chang decided to visit the office premises and was shocked at what he saw. There was an actual monkey sitting inside his office and deeply absorbed in his work.

Chang was quick to snap a photo of the hard-working primate and shared it on Facebook. He wrote, “At present, all schools are in winter vacation. Yesterday, a corner of the office of the Communications Office of Sun Yat-sen University. Look, who is in the office?”

It was later confirmed that the monkey was actually a Formosan rock macaque, a very common species in Taiwan. The picture became extremely viral on social media. It has amassed more than 7,000 reactions and had been shared more than 4,600 times.

Furthermore, it’s quite common for the university grounds to have macaque’s roam around the campus.

NSYSU Senior Vice President Huang I-yu spoke to the Taipei Times. He said, “There have been multiple incidents of macaques sneaking into student dormitories and taking packages of instant noodles or disturbing belongings.”

Also adding, “The institution had previously installed screens to stop the animals accessing buildings and regularly reminds staff to keep doors closed.”

Moreover, the university has even purchased paintball guns and employed dogs on campus to scare the monkeys away.

Many people found the monkey’s photo hilarious. However, some were concerned about it not wearing a mask while at work. One person wrote, “This administrative assistant is serious and has to work overtime during winter break, but he has to wear a mask in confined space.”

The campus security really needs to be tightened to keep this hardworking primate away from the office!


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