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Yellow Penguin Has Been Photographed For The First Time On South Georgia Island


Belgian wildlife photographer Yves Adams found a unique yellow Penguin while on an expedition in the South Atlantic. Back in 2019, Adams captured multiple photos of the rare Penguin as well and has now shared them with the world.

yellow penguin
(Image Source: Kennedy News and Media)

The 43-year-old photographer was unpacking his equipment on a beach on the island of South-Georgia when he spotted the rare creature. He was quick to take out his camera and snapped multiple adorable photos of him.

Posting the photos on Instagram, he wrote, “Winning nature’s lottery with seeing the most beautiful King penguin ànd being able to take pictures!”

Furthermore, he said, “This leucistic King penguin walked up straight to our direction in the middle of a chaos full of Sea elephants and Antarctic fur seals, and thousands of other King penguins.”

The yellow Penguin looked adorable and completely at peace amongst his fellow Penguins. Despite being different in appearance, the bird waddled in the water and seemed very playful.

yellow penguin
(Image Source: Kennedy News and Media)

Yves Adams told Kennedy News, “I’d never seen or heard of a yellow penguin before. There were 120,000 birds on that beach and this was the only yellow one there.”

“This is a leucistic penguin,” Adams described the unique Penguin. “Its cells don’t create melanin anymore so its black feathers become this yellow and creamy color.”

The never-before-seen Yellow Penguin has amazed many people. They expressed their astonishment on Instagram. One person commented, “Wow! How incredible to experience being in the same space with a leucistic penguin. Thank you for sharing.

While another wrote, “Yellow penguin! this story made my day. shows there’s always something new to learn about nature.”

Yves Adams’s expedition last for two months while he traveled to Antarctica and the South Atlantic.

yves adams
(Image Source: Kennedy News and Media)

Spotting such rare animals is always a great feeling for people. Previously, Vladimir Burkanov, a Marine Mammal Biologist, spotted a rare ginger seal in Tyuleny Island in Okhotsk, Russia. The albino seal faced being shunned by its colony for its different appearance as well.

However, this is not the case for the Yellow Penguin who felt very much at home with the rest of the Penguins.

What an amazing and rare find!


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