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Top 5 Animals That Are No Longer On The Endangered List


There are many endangered animals in the world on the brink on extinction. According to WWF, for certain species, time on planet Earth is coming to an end.

However, many organizations and people are trying to work for the conservation of these species. For some animals, this is actually working. Finally, there is a ray of hope in terms of saving these animals. Thanks to the efforts of conservation and protection agencies a small handful of endangered animals have also come off the endangered list.

1. Southern White Rhinoceros

The Southern White Rhino is the second largest land mammal on earth.


Thought to be extinct in the late 19th century, these rhinos have recently come out of endangerment. The White Rhinos now live in protected areas checking them off as not endangered.

2. The Giant Panda

Pandas are the symbol of WWF. The adorable bears have been under the threat of being endangered or were vulnerable for years.

However, forest protection and reforestation measures in Asia have helped preserve and increase the number of giant pandas.

3. Gray Wolf

Shockingly the mighty gray wolf had also been endangered due to a lack of prey and hunting. Yet recently their numbers have steadily climbed which means they are no longer under threat to be extinct.

4. Louisiana Black Bear

The truly beautiful black luscious fur of this bear has been a target for hunters across the State of Louisiana. However, now due to their habitats restored, the efforts to save the species have not been in vain. There are now 500 – 750 black bears in the wild.

5. Snow Leopard

This magnificent big cat is mistakenly known to be an endangered species. However its population in the wild is still at risk because of them being hunted and losing their habitats.

Visit WWF and find out how you can help even more animals get off the endangered list!


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