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Lost And Orphaned Otter Cubs Rescued From The Streets Of Scotland


Two orphaned Otter Cubs were found wandering around the streets of Inverkeithing, a town in Scotland on 6th February.

orphaned Otter Cubs
(image source: Scottish SPCA)

People had noticed the cubs stranded and alone. The pair wouldn’t have survived on their own as they rely on their mother at such a young age. Luckily the public contacted the Scottish SPCA who rescued them.

Now, the pair are in the care of the National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Their Manager, Steven Gary told The Koala, “The cubs are around three to four-months-old. Otters will stay with their mothers in the wild until they are over a year old.”

According to them, the otter’s mother must have been involved in a road accident and did not return to her cubs. The orphaned otters must have gone to the streets to look for her instead.

orphaned Otter Cubs
(image source: Scottish SPCA)

One cub is male and the other is female. The female has been named Inver and the male has been called Forth based on where they were found.

The orphaned otter cubs will stay with the Rescue Centre until they are 12 to 14-months-old. They will teach them how to feed and take care of themselves. The cubs will be released back into the wild when they are ready.

otters found
(image source: Scottish SPCA)

According to the Scottish SPCA, otters are extremely agile and can have a nasty bite! Hence, the public was asked not to approach the animals as they could have reacted negatively out of fear.

Furthermore, the otters could have seen the humans as a threat, especially when they are feeling vulnerable in a situation like this. So, it was advised that they only monitor the animals from afar.

orphaned otter cubs
(image source: Scottish SPCA)

So thankful for the members of the public who contacted the authorities in time! If you spot an animal in need of help, call their helpline on 03000 999 999.


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