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Here Are 6 Of The World’s Most Endangered Species


There are many endangered species on Earth. According to WWF, for certain species time on planet Earth is coming to an end.

Human beings are the greatest threat to these endangered species. Hunting and destruction of forests and their survival areas are some of the biggest reasons for it. However, there are many associations, federations and people who are playing their part in trying to conserve these species.

Here are the top 6 endangered species which are on the brink of extinction:


Tigers are animals that require vast areas for living like forests. They are not meant to be kept in cages at zoos. Currently, they are forced to live in environments for which they are not suitable. Hunting has caused a major decline in these big cats.

Endangered species

The number of tigers in the world has suffered a major decline after the twentieth century. Today, this number has fallen to around 3,900.

Tigers can be mostly spotted in India. However, they are also found in Bangladesh, China, Sumatra, Siberia, and Nepal.

Asian Elephants:

Asian elephants are one of the largest species found in Asian countries. From India to Thailand to southern China, they are mostly found here. However, as years have passed on their population has decreased and only 50,000 are left.

These elephants are known for their intelligence and for being very social. They reside in rain forests. But deforestation and an increasing human population are leaving them with lesser areas, which makes the survival of this species difficult. Illegal hunting is also one of the major reasons for this.

Endangered species

Their tusks are worth millions of dollars due to which they are hunted. Asian Elephants are also caged in zoos and kept as circus animals and tourist attractions in safaris.


Also known as the “person of the forest”, these monkeys are known for their long and orange hair. Orangutans are found in the regions of Sumatra and Borneo.

According to National Geographic, this species has been considered to be endangered since 2000. This has been the result of deforestation and other human activities, like hunting. Since they live in trees, deforestation has caused them a lot of harm. Logging, rainforest wildfires, and illegal hunting are also other major reasons for their decline.

orangutans extinct

Snow Leopards:

As their name suggests, snow leopards are found in mountainous areas where it is extremely cold. They are protected from the cold by their thick fur.

Hunting and the increasing presence of humans in remote areas, has caused a massive decrease in their numbers. Furthermore, their bones, skin, and organs are used by medicine manufacturers in Asian countries as well.

Endangered species

North Atlantic Right Whales:

Less than 400 North Atlantic right whales still exist in the world. During the 1890’s commercial whale hunters had hunted these whales in the Atlantic to the brink of extinction. ‘Whaling’ has since then been banned. But these whales are still at risk from humans.

Also, Global Warming and the changing ocean temperatures have also influenced food accessibility for the whales.

right whale
(Image Source: Instagram / noaafisheries)

Sea Turtles:

There are seven different types of sea turtles, and six of them are considered endangered. They are usually found in shallow seagrass beds of the Indian Ocean. These species are seen offshore only when they want to relax or for laying eggs. Most of their lives are spent swimming in the sea.

Over the last 200 years, various human activities have caused a major decline in the survival of these species. These animals are being slaughtered and hunted for their eggs, meat, skin, and shells. Global warming has also played a part in affecting their nesting areas.

sea turtles extinct
A closeup of a green sea turtle swimming underwater under the lights.

The world needs to make a change if we want to tip the scales in favor of these animals and their survival. Visit WWF and find out how you can help!


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