Famous Hollywood Celebrities And Their Adorable Pets

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Animals are the greatest thing on earth and these celebrities and their adorable pets surely prove that! The bond between a pet and their human is beautiful. Animals love unconditionally so we have a trustworthy companion for life.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many celebrities decided to adopt more animals. Furthermore, a lot of Hollywood A-listers keep their fans updated with their furry companions. They post various stories and photos on their social media of them as well.

Below are a few celebrities and their wonderful pets.

Hilary Duff:

The Lizzie McGuire star has been known to be an animal lover since she was young. She has always been fond of dogs. Recently, she welcomed an adorable Saint Bernard puppy to her family. Apart from her new Saint Bernard, she also has three other canines. Duff adopted her dog Momo in 2017 and a senior dog Lucy in 2018. The actress also has a French Bulldog named Peaches!

celebrities and their pets
(Image Source: Instagram/ Hilary Duff)

Ariana Grande:

There is no doubt that Grande is a pooch lover. She loves to rescue dogs and has a soft spot for them. She has nine rescue dogs named Fawkes, Pignoli, Ophelia, Toulouse, Coco, Sirius, Cinnamon, Strauss, and Lafayette. The doggos ften accompany her on tour and have been seen on her social media a lot.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Ariana Grande)

Jeffree Star:

Famous YouTuber Jeffree star is a huge Pomeranian lover. He is obsessed with his cute little dogs. We surely cannot get enough of them. He has adopted six of them and each of their name starts with “D”. They are Drama, Diva, Delicious, and Da Vinci, and new additions Dominatrix and Dessert. Such cute names!

Moreover, he previously had two other dogs Daddy and Diamond. But sadly they passed away.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Jeffree Star)

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner:

This beautiful couple recently welcomed a new addition to their family: their daughter Willa. Undoubtedly, this baby is surely protected by her elder furry siblings. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner share a Golden retriever, an Alaskan Klee Kai, and a Corgi.

Previously, they had another Alaskan Klee Kai named Waldo Picasso. However, he passed away back in Jun 2019 after being struck by a car.

celebs and their peets
(Image Source: Instagram/ Joe Jonas)

Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah Winfrey has had adopted almost 20 dogs in her life. She loves her furry children and has been very open with her love for them. Currently, the talk show host has five canines. This includes Golden Retrievers Luke and Layla, Cocker Spaniel Sadie, and Springer Spaniels Sunny and Lauren.

celebrities and their pets
(Image Source: Instagram/ Oprah)

Miley Cyrus:

The famous singer and actor is a true animal lover! Her Instagram is filled with posts of her pets. There is Happy, the Rottweiler- Beagle mix, Mary Jane the Pitbull, Penny Lane, Emu, and Bean. In addition to this, she has many cats including, Milky, Lilo, Shanti, and Keke. Furthermore, Cyrus also has a pig named Pig. Adorable, isn’t it?

celebs and their pets
(Image Source: Instagram/ Miley Cyrus)

Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift’s cats have their own separate fan base. The Willow singer has three adorable felines. Her two Scottish Folds are named Meredith Grey, after the Grey’s Anatomy character, and Olivia Benson, after the Law & Order: SVU character. Swift third kitten is a Ragdoll named Benjamin Button, whom she adopted from the set of her song ME!‘s music video.

taylor swift and her cats
(Image Source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

The Weekend:

The Weekend decided to adopt a pet after going through a heartbreak. The singer adopted an adorable Doberman Pinscher named Caeser after his split from singer Selena Gomez. He had previously adopted a dog named Charlie with Gomez.

the weekend
(Image Source: Instagram/ The Weekend)

Robert Downey Jr:

Iron Man himself has always been an animal fan as well. He and his wife Susan Downey, the producer of Dolittle, currently play host to a wide variety of animals. Their animals include alpacas, pygmy goats, llamas, Kunekune pigs, chickens, cows, and two cats.

celebrities and their pets
(Image Source: Instagram / Robert Downeyjr)

The bond between these celebrities and their adorable pets is amazing!

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