Here Are The Top 9 Cat Breeds That Are Perfect For Adoption!

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There are a lot of different cat breeds in the world! These felines are one of the most popular pets in the world. They will make your day with their cuteness. You would want to cuddle them all day long!

This global pandemic has caused people a lot of stress and anxiety. It is not easy to be stuck indoors for months. So, why not adopt a furry companion!

According to fluffykittys, these are the cats with their characteristics, to help you decide which one suits you better.

Here is a list of the top 9 cat breeds you can choose from!

1. Russian Blues:

cat breeds

Russian blues are very shy creatures and prefer a calm environment. They usually love to stay at home but they can be playful at times too. Their sweet personality makes them easy to take care of.

2. The Maine Coon:

These are some of the biggest domestic cats. At four years old, they can weigh around 6 to 8 kgs, hence their nickname the ‘beast.’ Furthermore, the males can weigh around 12 to 14 kgs as well!

cat breeds

They are usually calm but they can be playful and curious at times too. Maine Coon’s are extremely affectionate and can easily adapt to their environment.

3. The Persian:

One of the most popular cat breeds! Persian cats are famous for their soft temper. They are all squishy, cuddly, and playful by nature. But they are also known for their laziness and for taking long naps. These cats can never get tired of sleeping. This beautiful being requires a lot of attention: you need to brush their luxurious fur every day.

persian cat

4. The Birman:

One of the most beautiful cats! These stunning creatures love a calm and quiet environment. They are social beings but they only develop special relationships with their owner. By nature, these cats are very moody. They also have a very strong aura.

cat breeds

5. The Siamese:

These adorable beings are very easy to identify because of their specific looks. They are perfect for people who want their cat to have a unique look! Also, they are very active and playful in nature. They have different relationships with each family member.

siamese cat

They tend to follow their favorite person everywhere and are also very talkative. Siamese cats are usually very impatient but easy to take care of!

6. The Chartreux:

A very unique cat breed. They are also very calm and lovable. But demand a great level of respect as well. They are very independent and will come to you when they want to be petted.

cat breeds

These cats require extra attention in June, due to shedding season!

7. The Scottish fold:

These adorable cats have very distinctive traits. Their folded ears enhance their cuteness. They are not only sweet and gentle, but also love to play and cuddle.

Scottish folds are sociable too and fairly easy to take care of.

scottish fold

8. The Abyssinian:

These cats not only look like pumas but are also as athletic as them. They have a very elegant personality and are very fast.

You can give them as many cuddles as you want and they would not get tired of it. Additionally, they are also loud and will clearly make you understand what they want. However, they are a bit hesitant while meeting strangers but very playful once they get to know you.


9. The Ragdoll:

Ragdoll’s are one of the sweetest and softest cats. Their personality is very calm and they are also very trusting of everyone. This also means that they are unable to perceive any danger as well.

Ragdoll cat breed!

They love cuddles and are always available for warm hugs!

These cats are absolutely purrfect for you and your homes. However, there are also many other cat breeds that are available for adoption and fostering! So what are you waiting for?

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