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Snowy Owl Spotted In Central Park For The First Time In 130 Years


A Snowy Owl was seen at Central Park in New York for the first time in 130 years on 27 January 2021. This was a rare and remarkable sight for everyone!

(Image Source: Twitter / Vee Nabong)

A bird-watching account known as Manhattan Bird Alert posted a photo of the beautiful owl on Twitter. They wrote, “The SNOWY OWL on a west ballfield of the Central Park North Meadow. Perhaps the first-ever documented record of this species in the park, with its new buddy, an American Crow.”

People were amazed at the marvelous sight! This news spread like fire on social media. Also, many people started to retweet the post as well.

(Image Source: Twitter/ Richard Nelson)

According to The New York times, the snowy owl was spotted in New York back in the winters of 1890. Since then, not even one has been spotted until recently.

In addition, Brooke Bateman, the director of climate science at the Audubon society spoke to the Earther. Saying that, “They [snowy owls] like more flat open areas, and that’s the opposite of what New York City is.”

Snowy owl
(Image source: Twitter/ Yijia Chen)

Further adding, “That being said, it’s not atypical to have them in this area, especially out here. I’m based on Long Island and most winters we do get a few records of snowy owls particularly on the south shore beaches of Long Island.”

Moreover, many people were mesmerized by the appearance of the owl. They also posted their comments on Twitter. One wrote, “Just incredible to see a Snowy owl in Central Park yesterday! It’s only the second time one has been recorded in the park, the first time being in 1890! Thanks to those that reported the sighting so that so many were able to see this spectacular bird!”

snowy owl
(Image Source: Twitter / Bradley Kane)

While another tweeted, “It was truly wonderful to get the opportunity to see the historic rare appearance of the Snowy Owl in Central Park in NYC even for a moment.”

snowy owl
(Image Source: Twitter / Vee Nabong)

It was a spectacular sight!


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