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Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital For Days Until Owner Is Discharged


This loyal dog is truly a man’s best friend! Boncuk, the dog, waited patiently outside the hospital in Turkey for her sick owner.

(Image Source: Medical Park)

On 14th January, Cemal Şentürk was transported to Medical Park Hospital via ambulance. Sema, the International Marketing and Business Development Officer told The Koala, “She [Boncuk] was really sweet, she waited outside the hospital gate but didn’t try to get in.”

The hospital staff noticed the loyal dog and informed the family. At that point, she was taken back home. However, Boncuk managed to escape every single day to wait at the hospital gate for her owner, Cemal. It was very clear that she did not want to leave his side. This is when the family decided to just let her be.

Sema further added, “The hospital moved the patient’s bed to a room they can see each other and the owner talked to her during his stay in order to comfort her.”

(Image Source: Medical Park)

Boncuk’s owner communicated with her from inside the hospital. But she was too stubborn to leave. Her behavior won the hearts of the hospital’s management. They used to feed her and make sure she was doing okay. Furthermore, she also spent a lot of time with the security guard.

Mr. Senturk’s apartment was nearby which made things easy for Boncuk. The hospital also released a statement saying, “After Mr. Senturk was cleared to go out he met Boncuk at the hospital gate. Boncuk has behaved really sweet during the 6 days and has managed to capture the love and affection of the whole staff of Medical Park Hospital, Trabzon.”

loyal dog
(Image Source: Medical Park)

The street dog and cat population of Turkey are protected by the government. Hence, none of the hospital members felt disturbed by Boncuk’s presence.

Finally, the owner and pet were reunited when Cemal was discharged. This was such a happy moment for both of them!


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