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Dog Shocks Everyone After Flipping Her Head 180 Degrees


People are stunned after seeing photos of a dog in New Zealand doing a mind boggling trick. Meet Kiko, the amazing dog who can turn her head to a whole 180 degrees!

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(Image Source: Instagram / Kaya the Shepherd )

Kiko lives with her siblings Kaya, a White Swiss Shepherd, and Tofu who is also a Finnish Spitz. Ashleigh MacPherson got Kiko before the lockdown and said that having her made the hard times easier on her. She told The Koala, “Kiko is a Covid puppy and kept my mind off the hard times. She made lockdown easy, and made me smile.”

The 9-month-old pup began rotating her head like the exorcist at a very early age. Ashleigh says that Kiko was able to flip her head by herself. Adding, “At first, it started with her sleeping like that. Not too long after, she began to do it to look at the other dogs. And then turned into her, doing it, to look at me. She generally always does it, when she is facing the opposite direction to me and will turn her head back to look at me.”

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(Image Source: Instagram / Kaya the Shepherd )

So, now Ashleigh has used this behavior and changed it into a command giving it the name of ‘demon’.

Kiko, the Finnish Spitz, also knows so many other tricks. She can not only flip her head like that she can also wave, shake, sit, go down, wait, leave, roll over, stay, and head down. Furthermore, the pup can also head touch object, nose touch object, paw touch object, retrieve an object, hold an object, play dead and even paint, ring a bell, and do so much more.

dog shocks
(Image Source: Instagram / Kaya the Shepherd )

Her owner says that Kiko’s breed is known to be stubborn. However, Ashleigh has trained her puppy very well for her age and Kiko can easily go for a walk without a leash.

Despite the creepy head flip trick, Kiko is a very lovable dog. Her unique ability has definitely gained her a lot of fame and Ashleigh is very proud of her!

(Image Source: Instagram / Kaya the Shepherd )

Now that’s one special dog!


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