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Dog Photobombs Every Christmas Card Picture Of Her Family


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Penny the dog was adopted by her loving family about two years ago from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts. The doggo went viral after she jumped into every single Christmas Card photo her family took.

penny dog
(Image Source: Facebook / Deanna Greenstein)

Deanna Greenstein, Penny’s owner, told The Koala, “When we took the Christmas picture, I had intended to have a picture with the children and penny sitting with them (as we had done last year). She wasn’t being cooperative though, and she wouldn’t sit with them.”

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Then she decided to just take photos of her kids instead. However, Penny did not like feeling excluded from the fun “and didn’t like that idea either”. Denna also said, “She [Penny] proceeded to jump in front of the camera, barking, licking me, and photobombing every picture we took. We all thought it was hysterical!”

(Image source: Instagram / Penny The Coon Hound)

It took the owner a long time to get the photos and they eventually decided to do something better. The family decided to make Penny the star of their Christmas card and sent the card from Penny’s side to their relatives.

Penny was adopted by the family after her 11 siblings were found abandoned in a box next to a dumpster. Being only three months, old the family took her in and gave off her siblings to the shelter to find homes for them.

penny christmas
(Image source: Instagram / Penny The Coon Hound)

Greenstein also talked about how Penny is a complete part of their family. She further added, “Penny is like my 6th child. She is always near me, and even sleeps with her body draped across my legs at night.”

Also adding, “She loves to go on walks. We go on daily walks with our neighbor and her dog, Eli. They are doggie best friends.”

Penny loves being the center of attention and getting her photos taken. She is a very silly and social dog. The doggo loves playing with the kids and sneakily plays tricks on them as well.

(Image source: Instagram / Penny The Coon Hound)

Deanna said, “She [Penny] loves to play with the kids, and is always a part of the action. She does steal their stuffed animals though, and she pulls out all of the stuffing, so they’ve got to be sure to keep their toys safe from her! She also loves to nap, and it’s very cute to watch her throw the pillows off of our couch to get comfortable.”

(Image source: Instagram / Penny The Coon Hound)

A Merry Woofmas indeed!


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