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World’s Loneliest Bear Rescued From Tiny Cage & Taken To Sanctuary


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Jambolina, the world’s loneliest bear, spent her entire life in a tiny cage and was forced to perform for a circus. However, she has finally been rescued from her horrible conditions!

World's Loneliest Bear
(Image Source: FOUR PAWS )

The 11-year-old bear was rescued by FOUR PAWS, an animal rights organization. The private ownership of brown bears is not an illegal act thus Jambolina was forced to live in such conditions alone.

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Clare LaFrance from FOUR PAWS told The Koala, “Jambolina had to perform tricks as a tourist attraction in Ukrainian circuses until March 2020. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the cancellation of many public events, the owner kept her in a metal transport box in a garage.”

The World’s Loneliest Bear was freed from her cage by the FOUR PAWS team on December 8th. They transferred her from Ukraine to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Switzerland.

World's Loneliest Bear
(Image Source: FOUR PAWS)

Jambolina’s New Home

Barbara Van Genne, Wild Animal Rescue Advocate said, “Transporting a bear across four national and two EU borders is a big challenge. Even more so in Covid-19 times. We had to ensure Jambolina’s wellbeing at all times. While a lot of paperwork and controls were needed for the logistical part of the transfer.”

Furthermore, Van Genne also mentioned that the bear’s isolation impacted her health negatively. Her teeth and claws were in extremely bad condition. Hence, she will be kept in “an adaption enclosure so that the team of animal caretakers can observe her.”

World's Loneliest Bear
(Image Source: Arosa Bear Sanctuary / Vier Pfote)

The team at the sanctuary is working to make sure Jambolina adapts to her new environment quickly. They have planned to introduce her to two other bears, Amelia and Meimo. The lonely bear had never been familiar with her natural bear instincts. According to her previous owner, Jambolina has never been in hibernation. Bears need certain conditions to hibernate. Since she was performing or traveling during winter months as well, she never hibernated.

lonely bear
(Image Source: Arosa Bear Sanctuary / Vier Pfote)

We wish Jambolina all the best for her future. We hope she makes many new friends at the sanctuary as well!


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