The last two Brown Bears of MarghazarZoo in Islamabad are finally being moved to Jordan. The dancing bears are the last animals to be rescued from the Zoo. The world’s loneliest elephant, Kaavan, also used to live there.

(Image Source: Four Paws)

Suzie and Bubloo are 17-year-old Himalayan brown bears. They are the last animals to be rescued and moved from the Islamabad Zoo in Pakistan. The animals were “formerly abused as dancing bears. For that reason, their former owner removed most of their teeth so they could not hurt anyone.”

Katharina Braun from FOUR PAWS told The Koala, “Suzie and Bubloo were moved to Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife in Jordan, a wildlife sanctuary that FOUR PAWS runs together with the Princess Alia Foundation. They are at first in a quarantine enclosure to let them adapt slowly. And will be moved as soon as possible to a spacious and green enclosure.”

female bear (Suzie)
(Image Source: Four Paws / Hristo Vladev)

The animals are being moved because the living conditions at the Zoo were not up to international standards. The Islamabad Zoo was also home to the famous elephant Kaavan, who was recently sent to a sanctuary in Cambodia. Kaavan gained a lot of popularity on social media after concerns were raised about his mental health and the conditions of Marghazar Zoo.

The Zoo is finally being closed down and all the animals are being transferred. Suzie and Bubloo are the final two animals to be airlifted. Katharina also said that FOUR PAWS has been actively involved in the transfer. “Due to our expertise in rescuing wild animals and finding lasting solutions, and worked with local partners, the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board and the Ministry of Climate Change, to relocate all animals at Marghazar Zoo.”

Female Bear (Suzie)
(Image Source: Four Paws / Xdynamix)

Further adding, “Suzie and Bubloo were the last animals to be transferred and the zoo is now finally empty. In their new home, they will live in species-appropriate surroundings. And receive all the care they need to live happy lives.”

(Image Source: Four Paws / Hristo Vladev)

We wish Suzie and Bubloo all the best for their future in Jordan!


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