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Two Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales Spotted Off U.S. Coast


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A mother and two newborn North Atlantic Right Whale calves were seen in the US. This spotting of the calves has given new hope to the endangered species

Allison Garrett from the NOAA (National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration) spoke to The Koala in an interview. She said, “The first live right whale calf of the season was spotted by biologists with Clearwater Marine Aquarium off Cumberland Island on December 4”. The mother of the calf, called Chimnea, is very well known to biologists. She is a thirteen-year-old right whale and this calf is her first child.

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Furthermore, the second calf was spotted in Vilano Beach, by The FWC Biologist (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission). This calf’s mom is known as “Millipede” and is sixteen-years-old.

According to experts, this species lives along the Atlantic Coast. They usually hunt around in England and in Canada. However, “some individuals migrate south to South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida to give birth and nurse their calves typically between November and April.”

Endangered Species

Less than 400 North Atlantic right whales still exist in the world. During the 1890’s commercial whale hunters had hunted these whales in the Atlantic to the brink of extinction. ‘Whaling’ has since then been banned. But these whales are still at risk from humans. Allison also mentioned, “Entanglement in fishing gear and vessel strikes are the leading causes of North Atlantic right whale mortality.”

NOAA has been taking precautionary measures to help protect this species. They are dedicated to ensuring the preservation of North Atlantic right whales. Regulations and programs are being followed to help this species. Other organizations are also making sure that these are followed. Mariners on the waters are also requested to be vigilant as these whales are difficult to spot.

(Image Source: Instagram / noaafisheries)

This is such a miraculous and rare sighting!

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