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Woman Found Deadly Snake Behind Toaster In Australia


A woman found a venomous and deadly snake behind her toaster while making breakfast at her house. This scary encounter occurred last week in Brisbane, Australia.

The woman found the snake only a few inches away from her hand as she was making breakfast. She saw a small head poking from behind the toaster and knew that she had to stay away from the deadly creature.

After discovering the snake, the woman called the Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation to help with her snake problem. Steven Brown from the organization gave an interview to The Koala about how he caught the snake.

Brown said “It took me 30 minutes to get there. When I arrived, the lady was calm as she knew the snake was not going to harm her if left alone.”

He also identified the species of the snake. It was a Red Belly Black (Pseudechis Porphyriacus) snake and “it is capable of a fatal bite if handled or harassed.”

Moreover, according to the woman, the deadly snake had entered her house after she accidentally left the front door open when she went for a jog. The sneaky snake must have hidden in her home to protect itself from the weather in Australia.

Furthermore, the Brisbane North Catchers grabbed the snake by its tail as soon as they saw it. Immediately, they put it in a bag and took it far away from the houses, and released it in the correct environment for a Red Belly Black.

The woman was extremely lucky that she found the snake early and no one in her family was harmed. These species are typically found in the urban areas of Australia and are on average 4 feet and 1 inch long in length. Furthermore, they also have a glossy black and dull red belly. Its bite is venomous and can also cause severe illness.

We’re glad no one got hurt in the process!


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