A security guard in Coventry found the long lost cat Ruby and returned her to their rightful owner after 2 years. She was found in Bedfordshire, 55 miles away from home. The cat reunites with her owner and still remembers him!

ruby the black cat
(Image Source: Facebook/ Cats Protection)

Ruby is a five-year-old black cat. She recently moved to Brogborough with her sister Lacey and their owner Jordan Harvey. Jordon was devastated after Ruby went missing. His cats were his entire world. Soon after she escaped, Lacey also ran away. But it was soon found out that Lacey had passed away after being hit by a car.

Moreover, Jordan became extremely worried and feared he may never see ruby again. He left no stone unturned in order to find her and was finally successful after 2 years.

cat reunites
(Image Source: Facebook/ Cats Protection)

Jordan received a letter after 30 months from the Cats Protection’s Coventry branch. The letter revealed that they had found his precious Ruby. He was very overjoyed with this news.

The black cat Ruby was found at an industrial estate in Exhale. A noble security guard had found her and fed her. He contacted the local branch of the feline welfare charity to check whether she had an owner. Since Ruby had a microchip, they were able to contact Jordan quickly.

cat reunites
Security guard who found Ruby! (Image Source: Facebook/ Cats Protection)

Jordan traveled many miles to get back his lovely Ruby and had an emotional reunion with her.

In a press release, Jordan said, “After Ruby went missing I was heartbroken and Lacey felt like my only companion. I was in a really dark place after she then got hit by a car so to get the call to say Ruby had been found was like winning the lottery. I can’t explain how happy I was. Now she’s back at home enjoying lots of strokes and it’s like she never left.”

He also said that when both of them returned home Ruby knew where she was. She was happy and she also identified things. Furthermore, he was happy that he had kept the microchip updated. Now, both cat and cat-owner are happy together.

cat reunites
Missing cat reunites with her owner! (Image Source: Facebook/ Cats Protection)

This is what we call true love!


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