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Raccoons Break Into Bank Through Air Ducts Just To Steal Cookies


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A pair of raccoons broke into a bank in California Tuesday, 20th October, and surprised everyone there! The sneaky criminals entered Chase Bank through the air ducts and left behind plenty of carnage.

Eyewitnesses called the Animal Rescue & Control department after they witnessed the “robbery.” At first they thought the raccoons were stuffed animals, but were quickly proven wrong.

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Buffy Martin Tarbox from the Peninsula Humane Society told The Koala about the amusing incident. She said, “We were called out to a Chase Bank in Redwood City, CA around 7:30 am on October 20th. The man who called us was using the cash machine at the bank and saw through the windows what he thought was a stuffed animal on a desk. Then he saw it move and realized it was a live raccoon inside the bank.”  

The adorable bandits had fallen “through ceiling tiles and then inside the bank”. The Peninsula Humane Society “found muddy pawprints on the tree against the bank” which indicates that the raccoons had climbed inside the ducts through the tree.

Buffy further described the attempted robbery saying, “They [raccoons] knocked over a computer and garbage cans, knocked papers to the floor and apparently also ate a tin of almond cookies that was in the bank staff’s break room. And of course, they broke three ceiling tiles when they fell through the roof.”

According to SPCA, it was difficult for them to apprehend the raccoons. However, after a 10-minute chase around the bank, the staff was able to get them out of the door. The thieves were not injured at all and were healthy. Buffy Martin also said, “The two juvenile raccoons were native to the area. And we did place them in raccoon jail.”

Everyone was very surprised and amused at the hilarious incident!


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