Kidnapped Lemur Rescued By 5-Year-Old Boy And Returned To San Francisco Zoo

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A 5-year-old boy has finally found the kidnapped lemur and returned it to its home at the San Francisco Zoo. The poor animal was stolen and kidnapped from its enclosure on Wednesday.

kidnapped lemur
(Image Source: Instagram/ San Francisco Zoo)

Maki is part of the Lipman Family Lemur Forest at the San Francisco Zoo and is one of the oldest animals there. The San Francisco Zoo announced his disappearance on their social media. They wrote, “This morning, our 21-year-old male ring-tailed lemur, Maki, was discovered missing from the Lipman Family Lemur Forest.” Furthermore, they also offered “a $2,100 reward, $100 for every year Maki has lived, for any information leading to his recovery.”

The San Francisco police department began investigating the kidnapping and asked people to help them find the missing primate. They wrote on Twitter, “We need your help in locating “Maki” the stolen Lemur! Maki is an endangered animal and requires specialized care.”

kidnapped lemur
(Image Source: Instagram/ San Francisco Zoo)

Executive Vice President of Animal Behavior and Wellness, Dr. Jason Watters told ABC7, “We understand that lemurs are adorable animals, but Maki is a highly endangered animal that requires special care. We are asking the public for help in his return. As one of our oldest lemurs, Maki requires a specialized diet. Of the 19 lemurs here, at 21.5 years, he has exceeded median life expectancy of 16.7 years, but is also one of the slowest, and we believe, likely, the easiest to catch.”

Maki’s Rescue

On October 15, the 21-year-old lemur was finally found in a church’s playground in Daly City. Five-year-old James Trinh spotted the kidnapped lemur and informed his school. The witnesses then called the authorities who arrived and secured the lemur. Maki was found in good health and was not injured.

The police released a statement saying that they have also made an arrest in Maki’s kidnapping case. 30-year-old Cory McGilloway was arrested by the San Rafael Police Department and they are investigating his role in Maki’s disappearance.

ring tailed lemur
(Image Source: San Francisco Zoo)

Ring-tailed lemurs are considered endangered by the IUCN. However, efforts are being made to keep them safe. We are so happy that Maki has returned to his habitat!