Monique, the lonely cat, has finally found a forever home. The feline became famous on the internet after Battersea Dogs and Cats threw her a birthday party, but no one showed up.

Chrissie Grindrod, Battersea’s Cattery Team Leader, told The Koala, “It’s always a shame to see one of our cats be repeatedly overlooked, especially one so young and with so much to offer as a pet. Monique is a gentle soul who thrives with human company, whether that be playing with her favorite toys together or curling up side by side on the sofa. She also won’t ever say no to a chin rub or two.”

The two-year-old cat spent almost 130 days at Battersea waiting to be adopted. She gained a lot of exposure on social media and the news. Finally, her hero Adnan saw Monique on the television. On 16 March, he decided to bring her home in Lewisham, South London.

Adnan said in a statement, “It’s been just Monique and me alone since March. She’s very talkative and greets me every morning and can be very bossy when she wants treats. She follows me around the house, pawing at me for scratches and giving me headbutts for cuddles.”

Monique’s dad further added, “She was initially keen to jump in my lap (which was interesting when I was working), but has now decided that her many napping spots are much more comfortable and will instead summon me for scratches.”

In 2019, the lonely cat arrived at the shelter after being diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV+). Battersea threw her a birthday party to help her get adopted. Now, Monique is celebrating almost 6 months in her new home with Adnan!

Chrissie also said to The Koala, “We would encourage any potential owners to get in touch regardless of what they do or don’t know already know about FIV, and whether or not their garden is currently cat proof. Our team are always on hand to answer any questions and offer advice including the simple steps required to secure a garden for a FIV+ pet to enjoy.”

Battersea’s Head of Catteries and Feline Welfare, Lindsey Quinlan, also said, “Over the years we’ve seen our cats appear in the media or gain fans online. But we’d never before seen anything quite like Monique’s overnight fame. We were so touched that people from all over the world wanted to help her find a home. It just goes to show how many people understand that rescue cats are special and deserve a second chance at love.”

We’re so happy Monique has found her forever home.

You can donate to Battersea and help stray cats and dogs here!


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