Pet goose has finally returned to his owners after being snatched by a wild fox from his cage. Steve, the goose, was thought to be gone by his owners until he showed up back at their house.

steve the goose
(Image Source: Carla Shymko)

Carla Boszak Shymko adopted Steve and his sister Lulu almost nine years ago. Carla told The Koala, “My kids went to a bird sanctuary for wounded animals and they felt sorry for them and brought them home. We had just moved out to our acreage.”

Steve and Carla became extremely close over the years. The “fun loving goose” followed Carla around her house in Moose Jaw.

Unfortunately, the goose was attacked by a fox last month and was dragged away by the animal. Shymko said, “He was dragged away by a fox one night. The fox dug under his cage and pulled him out. We are not sure how far the fox took him. When we noticed he was gone in the morning.”

(Image Source: Carla Shymko)

The family searched for their pet goose but were unable to find Steve. They finally turned to Facebook for help and asked people online to help them find their goose. A little while later the Shymko family received some upsetting news about Steve.

“Just after lunch I received an email from a lady I used to work with,” Carla Shymko further added. “Her friends daughter had seen the fox dragging Steve down a dirt road. We then for sure thought Steve was dead. I then let everyone know on Facebook that he was gone. Within a couple of hours I had close to 1000 people reach out to me and my family. It was so kind of everyone.”

The Shymko family was extremely saddened by this news and loosing such a special member of their family. However, things changed for them in the very next morning. When Carla’s husband woke up early, he heard a weird noise from the glass doors. He went to the doors to investigate and found Steve!

(Image Source: Carla Shymko)

Carla added excitedly, “Steve was laying there pecking to let us know he was home. We honestly could not believe it at all.”

Poor Steve, the goose, was injured and unable to walk properly. He looked like he had gone through a fight. According to Carla, “He was very, very tired and had lost many feathers. There was a little blood but you could tell he was happy to be back to his family. He was having trouble walking. We think he must have had the fight of his life fighting off the fox and then walking for a very long time trying to find his way back home. I was so excited to get back on Facebook and let everyone know he was home.”

(Image Source: Carla Shymko)

Steve’s story and his return to his family gained a lot of popularity and was appreciated by people all over the world.


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