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Evacuated Koalas Finally Return To Enclosure After Australian Bushfires


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The devastating bushfires in Australia killed billions of animals and caused a lot of destruction. Five koalas were evacuated from the Orroral Valley Bushfire to escape the fires. The Orroral Valley Bushfires “burnt about 22% of Tidbinbilla” which led to many animals getting relocated.

evacuated koalas
(Image Source: Facebook / ACT Parks and Conservation Service)

The five koalas – Jed, Yellow, Scully, Billa, Gulu – were sent to the Australian National University (ANU) for their safety. Now, the evacuated koalas have finally returned back home to the upgraded Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

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ACT Parks and Conservation Service shared the sweet news on their Facebook page. They wrote, “They’re grey. They’re fluffy. They’re cute. And they’re back at Tidbinbilla! We welcomed our koala family into a brand-new enclosure this morning at the Eucalyptus Forest at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.”

Moreover, Mick Gentleman, the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, welcomed the animals “to their new and improved public enclosure.”

(Image Source: Provided by the ACT Government)

In a press release he said, “The koalas were returned in good health to Tidbinbilla in late February and have been housed behind the scenes in secluded enclosures while the team refurbished the public display enclosure in the Eucalypt Forest.”

Also adding, “The upgrades include new ‘furniture’ in the form of trees and logs for the koalas to enjoy. There’s also new clear fencing, a viewing platform and seating to better allow visitors to experience these iconic critters.”

Baby Joey

Furthermore, Gentleman also revealed that after the koalas returned, they found a baby joey in one of the koalas, Yellow’s, pouch. He said, “We expect the little joey to emerge from the pouch in a few months’ time ready for warmer weather.”

evacuated koalas
(Image Source: Provided by the ACT Government)

Other animals that were relocated have also returned to the reserve, like the platypus, rock wallabies, and corroboree frogs. Also, the enclosure is now open and people can visit the animals, including the new koalas.


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