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Zoo Finally Finds Homes For Animals After Announcing Its Closure


The Living Coasts Zoo in Torquay, Devon announced its closure a few weeks ago. The zoo is run by the Wild Planet Trust and the owners had to close the zoo due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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(Image Source: Facebook/ Living Coasts)

The zoo is home to a lot of various animals including seals, penguins, birds, and otters. The main concern of Living Coasts was to find new homes for the animals. Otherwise, the animals would have to be put down.

The Wild Planet Trust released a statement on June 15 announcing the closure of their zoo. They said, “Living Coasts is part of a world-wide network of zoos and aquariums and will be looking for homes for the animals within them once movement restrictions have been lifted. Most of the animals kept at Living Coasts are marine species that will need specialist facilities.”

living coasts
(Image Source: Facebook/ Living Coasts)

However, the zoo has finally announced that they have found homes for most of their incredible animals. On June 19, Living Coasts made the happy announcement.

In a recent press release, Dr. Kirsten Pullen, Director of Conservation & Education said, “We needed to ensure that their new home is the right habitat, the right social grouping and has the right experienced staff working with them. There is a range of legislation we need to comply with – for example, the size of animal carrier we move them in, and what ‘permits’, ‘passports’ and health certificates they need to cross country borders. We need to be sure the transport company is experienced and reliable, and they have all the paperwork ready for inspection. At every step, the wellbeing of our animals is key to a successful transport. In the meantime, Living Coasts staff will continue to care for the animals.”

(Image Source: Facebook/ Living Coasts)

Furthermore, the Executive Director of Wild Planet Trust, Simon Tonge also made a statement. He said, “I am pleased, but not surprised, that we have found homes for our animals so quickly. The zoo community is very networked and mutually supportive. Thank you to all our members and friends for sharing your concerns. I hope you are reassured that our animals are in the best possible hands.”

living coasts
(Image Source: Facebook/ Living Coasts)

Various visitor attractions and zoos around the world have been forced to close down due to the current pandemic. However, some have reopened in the United Kingdom by agreeing to take extreme precautions.


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