Loyal dog Gunner stayed by his owner, Daniel Hove’s side during his last moments. Gunner passed away just a few hours after Hove lost his battle with cancer.

loyal dog
(Image Source: Heather Nicoletti)

Daniel Hove, a career firefighter, was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Throughout the entire process, his 11-year-old lab stayed with him and supported him. Gunner was the only puppy from his litter who was not sold or adopted by anyone.

Hove’s daughter, Heather Nicoletti, told The Koala, “I think secretly my dad wanted to keep him the whole time and purposely didn’t sell him, so he was always our puppy. They were bonded from the moment Gunner was born.”

gunner and daniel
(Image Source: Heather Nicoletti)

Furthermore, she added that Gunner and her father’s health “declined almost simultaneously.”

She said, “We knew we’d have to take cues from the dogs as to how he was doing. Gunner hadn’t moved from his spot on the floor for 24 hours, not to eat, or drink Prior to that, he was pretty restless and paced the house constantly, so I knew it was time to call my siblings and tell them it was time. That was the morning of the day he died.”

loyal dog
(Image Source: Heather Nicoletti)

The morning when Daniel Hove became unresponsive, Gunner also stopped responding and his arm became very large.

Heather further added, “The vet believed he [Gunner] developed a large blood clot. Gunner left this world with his head in my lap around 12:30 that day and my dad passed away at 2:55. The last thing my dad said before he died was “Get Gunny his surgery”. I promised him Id make sure he would be taken care of.

The loyal lab refused to leave Hove’s side and had his own cot in the bedroom. “He refused to leave his side EVER,” Heather continued. “He went to all my dads dr appointments with him, ran all his errands with him, you could trust that whatever my dad went, Gunner was either next to him or waiting for him in the truck.”

gunner dog
(Image Source: Heather Nicoletti)

Any time, Hove was not around, Gunner would get extremely anxious. “Throughout my dad’s cancer journey, Gunner was always there beside him to comfort him. Im so grateful to have been blessed to have a dog like Gunner.”

Adding, “We’d all be so lucky, and the world would look a lot different if everyone felt the unconditional love from a dog like Gunner. No matter how stressed we were or upset, Gunner was right there to distract you or love you through it.”

Nicoletti believes that the dog came into her dad’s life to get them “through this really difficult time. It was fitting that they left this world together, hours apart.”

daniel and gunner
(Image Source: Heather Nicoletti)

Rest in peace Gunner and Daniel Hove!



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