Marlyn Garcia Brown loves creating miniature art. Recently, she decided to make a miniature cat cafe for her little cat.

mei c miniature
(Image Source: Instagram/ M Brown)

Brown loves animals, and is a big “advocate for pet adoption.” She aspires to run a cat sanctuary one day, and this was her main motivation behind making the miniature cafe.

Brown told The Koala, “My husband and I adopted Mei-C in 2016 from Last Chance Animal Rescue.”

miniature cafe
(Image Source: Instagram/ M Brown)

Adding, “It was a spontaneous decision to rescue her. We saw her and within the first 5 seconds she licked and purred. It was love at first sight. She was nine months old when we brought her home.”

The cat cafe also has miniature cats inside it and took Brown almost 3 weeks to complete. Mei-C was extremely “curious” about the miniature cafe and knew it was made for her.

miniature cat cafe
(Image Source: Instagram/ M Brown)

Brown also said, “She [Mei-C] was very curious and occasionally watched me while I was creating the mini cafe. She’s very interested in the miniature cats inside the cafe. She likes furry things and stuff animals but I would never leave her alone with the mini cats. I think she would have chewed off a few on them if I did.”

mei c and cafe
(Image Source: Instagram/ M Brown)

Furthermore, Marlyn stated that the miniature “cat cafe started out as a garden shed room box,” before she turned it into a cafe. Apart from being a miniaturist, she is also a collector.

“I have 21 miniature cats and counting,” Brown continued. “You could say I’m a cat lady in the miniature world. I created the logo and graphics, table, shelves and other items.”

“I had the white cat specially made for this scene. He is based of the popular internet meme Smudge the cat who dislikes vegetables. I love Smudge and I thought I’d inject a bit of humor in the cafe,” she also added.

miniature cat cafe
(Image Source: Instagram/ M Brown)

Mei-C loves bird watching with her parents in the morning and is a very clingy cat. The cat was at the adoption house for a long time before Marlyn and her husband adopted her. Mei-C has a “chronic nose discharge” which might have hindered her chances of being adopted.

But now, she is absolutely happy in her new home and follows her parents around the house.

mei c
(Image Source: Instagram/ M Brown)

You can follow Mei-C and her adventures on Instagram!


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