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Oklahoma Aquarium Gives Opportunity To Swim With Bull Sharks


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Oklahoma Aquarium is giving people the opportunity to swim with some of the most dangerous sharks. The competition is part of Sharklahoma, which is a month-long event to celebrate sharks.

The Aquarium is partnering with Jenks Chamber of Commerce for the event. The event also consists of a movie night where people can watch Jaws and a shark trivia night. The winner of the competition will get the chance to swim with a bunch of bull sharks.

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Andrea Leitch, the Chief Marketing Officer of Oklahoma Aquarium, spoke to The Koala about their upcoming event. She said, “We’re hosting our third annual contest where we invite the public to dive with our bull sharks in association with Sharklahoma, a month-long celebration of sharks at the Oklahoma Aquarium.”

Also adding, “This grand finale of Sharklahoma will give one contest winner the opportunity to swim with the world’s largest collection of bull sharks!”

oklahoma aquarium
(Image Source: Laura Long)

Furthermore, the event was first started in 2018. This year, it will take place on Facebook Live. The winner will be provided with safety equipment before going near the sharks.

Leitch also added, “The winner will wear a 20-pound chain mail suit, and a GoPro to swim alongside scuba-certified aquarium staff for their safety. Those who enter must be 18 or older and scuba-certified.”

Bull sharks are “one of the most unique shark species as well as one of the most notorious ocean predators.” These sharks are considered to be the most dangerous sharks in the world “because they have the strongest bite force of any shark species and are responsible for a large proportion of shark bites every year.”

The Aquarium is still accepting entries for its competition. Furthermore, the winner will be announced on July 7.

oklahoma aquarium
(Image Source: Laura Long)

Visit for more information about the upcoming event!


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