Fluffer, the rescue cat from Arizona, received a massive makeover by the Arizona Humane Society. They found her at home in Phoenix after her owner had passed away.

fluffer the rescue cat
(Image Source: Arizona Humane Society)

On 22 May, the Arizona Humane Society received a call about a stray cat. At first, Medical Technician Julie Bolchalk did not know what type of animal Fluffer was since she was severely matted. The cat was left on her own to survive after her owners had passed away.

In a press release by the AHS, Bolchalk says, “I have seen some rather horrific cases in my time rescuing animals, but had never seen matting this bad – they were larger than her entire body.”

(Image Source: Arizona Humane Society)

The 4-year-old cat was taken to the Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital. The team had to remove 2 pounds of matted fur from Fluffer’s body.

The Transformation

Arizona Humane Society’s Public Relations Manager, Bretta Nelson, told The Koala, “She [Fluffer] is a domestic longhair cat and is an absolute sweetheart, so much so that she did not have to be sedated for the removal of her matted fur, a procedure that took an hour.”

rescue cat
(Image Source: Arizona Humane Society)

Furthermore, the AHS posted photos of the cat’s transformation. They also mentioned that Fluffer was physically healthy and did not have any injuries. The rescue cat remained extremely calm throughout the entire process.

Bretta Nelson also added, “She [Fluffer] was adopted after just two days of being moved from the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma hospital to our adoption area!”

The Arizona Humane Society treats injured and abused animals. “Fluffer is one of more than 11,000 homeless animals that AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technician and Animal Cruelty Investigators rescue and assist each year.”

fluffer the cat
(Image Source: Arizona Humane Society)

This story bought tears to our eyes, what do you think about this incredible makeover?


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