The Coronavirus lockdown has shut down the seal sanctuary in Cornwall. The seals have not had visitors for a long while. So the staff at the sanctuary came up with an adorable plan to cheer up the animals.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Cornish Seal Sanctuary)

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England has had no guests for a long while and the “animals have definitely noticed the difference.”

The sanctuary has been trying to cheer up the seals with various activities. They wrote on their official Facebook page, “The team have been working around the clock to provide lots of extra enrichment and fun for the animals to keep them healthy, happy and entertained.”

dogs visit
(Image Source: Facebook/ Cornish Seal Sanctuary)

Adding, “So many of our animals are very people orientated, like Aayla who loves to spend her time people watching from the underwater viewing area!”

This time the team came up with something extra creative to keep the seals happy: a visit by their lovely dog friends. They “decided to bring their dogs in to say hello to the seals and to remind them of what it is like when the Sanctuary is open. The animals were very intrigued to see dogs again on site and enjoyed interacting with them!”

dogs visit seals
(Image Source: Facebook/ Cornish Seal Sanctuary)

The dogs visit helped the seals feel less lonely and definitely cheered them up!

Jane Sirova, the General Manager of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary told The Koala, “I think we will be bringing the dogs in more often now, as we are hoping that we will be able to re-open soon, the animals can get used to the normal day to day before that happens. It will be a good practice for them and it will also give us the re-assurance that we can ease them in gently to the re-opening.”

Following the research of Mati Skerrit, the team has also been playing classical music for the sea lions. The music helps lower anxiety among the animals and make them calm.

Furthermore, the sanctuary keeps rescuing seals who need help and cannot survive in the wild. They have requested people for donations since they are unable to open to the public. The animals require a lot of food and medicines to survive properly.

seals and dogs
(Image Source: Facebook/ Cornish Seal Sanctuary)

You can also help by donating to the sanctuary here.


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