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12 Weirdest and Unusual Cats


1- The Lykoi

werewolf cat

The Lykoi also known as the wolf cat or werewolf cat. It has a natural mutation of a domestic shorthair cat that resembles the popular conception of a werewolf. Over the last 20 years, the mutation has appeared in domestic cats. UC Davis conducted DNA testing to ensure that the cats do not have the Sphynx/Devon Rex gene.



Its practically hairless body, tall ears, wrinkles, peach-fuzz skin, and rotund belly are the Sphynx’s most distinguishing features. Though it may appear that a hairless cat is hypoallergenic, this is not the case! Dander causes cat allergies, and the Sphynx has a lot of it. The hairless coat of the Sphynx is due to a naturally occurring genetic mutation that was crossed with Rex cats.

3- Egyptian Mau

Egyptian mau

One of this breed’s unique qualities is its gorgeous speckled coat. The Egyptian Mau is also known for its fondness for water, intelligence, and speed (it can run up to 30 miles per hour). This breed has been depicted since 1550 B.C.

4-  Canadian sphynx

weird and unusual cats

Before 1966, when a domestic cat in Toronto gave birth to a hairless kitten as a result of a genetic abnormality, this cat breed didn’t exist. Sphynx cats may not always appear friendly, yet their personalities are extremely affectionate. They get their name from an Egyptian cat sculpture that they resemble.

5- The Munchkin cat

munchkin cat

sometimes known as the Sausage cat, is a relatively recent breed of cat that is distinguished by its extremely small legs, which are the result of a genetic abnormality. The Munchkin is thought to be the first dwarf cat breed.

It wasn’t officially established as a breed until 1983. This friendly breed likes to play with dogs and children and has really tiny legs.

6- Elf cats

elf cat

are a cross between the American Curl and the Sphynx breeds and are extremely unusual. Karen Nelson and Kristen Leedom, two cat aficionados and breeders, first presented it in 2004. Like the breeds from which it was developed, the breed is gregarious, kind, adaptable, and friendly.

7- Donskoy

donskoy cat

The Donskoy, also known as a Russian Hairless or Don Sphynx, is distinguished from the Canadian variety by its hairlessness, which is caused by a dominant mutation. It has large ears and webbed toes and is well-muscled.

This species began in 1987, when cat breeder Elena Kovaleva discovered a hairless cat in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don.[1][3] She had rescued a blue tortoiseshell kitten named Varvara. Varvara mated with a local tomcat and produced a litter of kittens at around four months of age.[1][3] Varvara mated with a local tomcat and delivered a litter of kittens at around four months of age.

8- The Manx cat

manx cat

is a domestic cat breed (Felis catus) that originated on the Isle of Man and has a naturally occurring mutation that causes the tail to shorten. They are also good hunters.

9- Khao Manee

khao manee

The most distinctive feature of this rare breed is its eyes, which can range in colour from amber to yellow to blue and green, or a combination of blue and any of the other hues. In Thailand, Khao Manee cats are considered lucky, because they are curious, lively, and kind.

10- Cornish Rex

cornish rex

Cornish Rex cats have large ears, wavy coats, and large eyes. They’re active cats who love to climb, leap, and run, and they’re recognised for being quite loyal to their families.

Except for down, the Cornish Rex has no hair. The outer fur or “guard hairs,” a middle layer termed “awn hair,” and the down hair or undercoat, which is very fine and roughly 1 cm long, are found in the coats of most cat breeds. Only the undercoat is present in Cornish Rexes. They are prone to hair loss, with many developing a very thin coat or even going bald over vast areas of their bodies. Their fur curl is caused by a different mutation and gene than the Devon Rex’s. The breed’s origins can be traced back to Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

11- Singapura


The Singapura is a tiny breed that is intelligent and enjoys playing with humans. These cats, which originated in Southeast Asia, are called in Singapore as “little lions of love.”

12- Scottish Fold

scottish fold cat

These  cats have bowed ears that make them appear almost earless. Scottish Folds can have an owlish appearance due to their wide, big faces and large, circular eyes. Susie, a Scottish cat discovered by a shepherd in 1961 with folded ears, was the inspiration for the breed.




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